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"I had such a crush on Gravity Girl when I first started out. She was so hip. And she had these amazing powers totally under control. She can manipulate gravity! That power is out of this world... No pun intended. What I mean is, she can wreck it. And as if that weren't enough she becomes Captain Jupiter! With Laser-blaster space gauntlets! Champion of the Stars, man. Champion of the Stars."
-The Fantastic Flux II

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Avi Yamazaki was born in Union City but while her mother was pregnant in Japan she was exposed to Graviton Particles in her mother’s laboratory. At a young age she could float or become too heavy to lift. By the time she hit puberty she could extend that control of gravity to other objects. It was only natural growing up with these powers in a place like Union City that as a teenager she debuted as Gravity Girl and went on adventures honing her gravity manipulation and ability to fly. These youthful antics matured into a calling for her and she became a more and more powerful hero. She fought KRUUSH the Calamity that Walks, Alexander the Great, and the Varits Swarm. She had proven herself to be one of the greatest heroes of Union City countless times. That's when Power Man gave her some of his trademark fatherly advice. She had earned the mantle of Captain Jupiter. Power Man assured her that the long-dead Silver Age hero would be proud to have her carry on his legacy. So Gravity Girl took up the power gauntlets and the symbol of Captain Jupiter, joined the Union of Heroes, and has cemented her role as defender of the Solar System.


Captain Jupiter is energetic, clever and focused. She still has the streak of youthful bravado and cockiness but it is tempered by the immense power she wields and the legacy she seeks to honor. While using her gravitational powers is usually her first and most effective means of dealing with foes she is just as likely to use her power gauntlets to lance enemies with lasers. She has fought terrible enemies and endless, unthinking hordes of ravening aliens so she tends to be able to see the context of a given conflict and be light-hearted about it. She also knows that if push comes to shove she has the power to throw an enemy into orbit or drive them down into the mantle of the earth. She is equally inventive with her gravitational powers and direct with her energy blasts. She is still thrilled to be a paragon of the heroic community.



Introduction:  “Hey there! I’m Captain Jupiter! Things seem to be getting pretty heavy. Fortunately I’m pretty good at lightening them up.”

Exclamations:  “Blast off!” - “Crashing Cosmos!” - “Don’t make me drop you!”  

On her legacy:  “Captain Jupiter was one of the greats. I can’t do anything that would dishonor that… But that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun along the way.”

On her outfit:  “I updated the look myself. It’s a lot like the original costume but I added the buttons and the shoulder pads. One designer wanted to give the uniform a skirt. Ha! Clearly she never flew over a crowd. Can you imagine? The symbol is the same, that’s the important part.”

On using Weapons:  “I love the gauntlets. They look awesome and they shoot lasers. Sometimes a girl just wants to blast a giant alien, y’know?”

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