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"I came to America to study with Doctor Tomorrow. I read his stories growing up, dreamed of building my own Electro-Gauntlets and going to the moon. Now I realize that what truly drives him is his University, the innovations that he gives away for the public good, the advancing of science. Even if my research and inventions may rival his, there is only one Doctor Tomorrow. It's like trying to compete with Einstein, Hawking, and DaVinci all in one and wearing a Rocketpack."
-Professor Anton Science, Leader of the Science Squad

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Ambrose Q. Tomorrow’s parents were freed after the Civil War and they had hope for the first time in their lives so they chose to take the name Tomorrow. Their son was a genius, even at a young age. He read voraciously and began tinkering with anything mechanical that he could get his hands on. Thomas Edison recognized the boy’s genius and gave the teenager an internship at his Electric Works. There Tomorrow worked with Nikola Tesla and the two shared their ideas for invention being for the betterment of mankind. Tomorrow helped to create the lightbulb before he was 20. Not wanting to monetize his creations, Tomorrow left Edison and returned to Union City. He attended college and achieved his doctorate, while taking time to fight the Air Pirates and Steam-O the Mechanical Man. When Descartes Graham the Time-Stealer began his great Time-Heist, Doctor Tomorrow created a Chrono-Culvert. In their climactic battle the Time-Stealer and Doctor Tomorrow both ended up being stuck in a moment of time, but while Graham was in suspended animation Doctor Tomorrow continued his adventures, with the added perk of no longer aging, becoming effectively immortal.


Doctor Tomorrow uses his Jetpack, his Electro-Gauntlets, his Time-Dilating Goggles and a hundred other inventions to do good in Union City. Doctor Tomorrow is brilliant and compassionate. He views his super-adventures as journeys of discovery, experimenting in living laboratories with beings that push the bounds of reality via science, magic, divinity, cosmic power, and more. He doesn’t mind getting in a fight, but he is far more likely to analyze a situation and come up with an imaginative solution or quickly cobble together a gadget to resolve everything. Doctor tomorrow is an eternal optimist, believing that with intelligence and ingenuity any problem can be overcome.



Introduction: “I’m Ambrose Q Tomorrow, Doctor and Inventor. Let’s discover something together!”

Exclamations: "Scien-tific!” - “Here comes Tomorrow!” - “Jumpin’ Jolts!”  

On his legacy: “I’ve stopped alien invasions, yes. And defeated despots, true. Those things are important, but they’re not as important as the things I’ve built. I am far more proud of the Pneumatic Transit system or my Science Museum than I am of fighting Prince Vice. The lives that have been changed in Tomorrow University are every bit as meaningful as the lives I’ve saved with my Electro-Gauntlets.”

On his outfit: “I’ve been a consummate futurist ever since I was a child. Of course I have a Jetpack! A Jetpack is one of the first things I ever built!”

On using Weapons: “Guns? Simply overcome by magnetic repulsion, momentum dampeners, even a metal shield or brick wall. I’ve yet to encounter a problem that couldn’t better be resolved with invention and imagination than with guns.”

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