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"There are many paths a warrior may tread. Komodo was abused as a child, turned into an animal and forced to murder. He has a cold, killer edge within him. Yet he does battle to spare the innocent of the world. too few who know the way of war can say the same. Fewer still may fight with the same fury or shed as much blood."

-Silent Ronin

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Syehk was born in the Southeast Asian nation of Tayalan not long before one of the many revolutions that has rocked that country over the last century. General Hatta Kallo led an underground Communist Military in "recruiting" orphans, taking them in and subjecting them to often vicious experiments. The most successful result of these experiments was Syehk. Gene-chemical treatments bastardized from Professor Saurazynski’s Dino-serum turned the boy into a half-man/half-lizard. Komodo was born in the jungle labs and then brainwashed by teams of black-masked scientists. He was made into a living weapon and used to suppress and terrify the people of Tayalan. He healed from any wounds that were inflicted on him by his victims and he became a symbol of communist repression in Tayalan. But Komodo’s regeneration had an unexpected effect on his mind as he recovered and healed from the brainwashing process. He broke free of his controllers and fought the other members of Red Sabre to get his freedom. Hunted by government and hated by the people he left Tayalan and immigrated to Union City. There he joined the Vanguard and made a name as an independent hero for both his compassion and ferocity. He is strong and his scaly hide makes him tough plus his lizard genetics make him capable of fast-healing and regenerating. He has sharp claws at the ends of his fingers and toes, razor-sharp teeth, and poisonous saliva. He is one of the most prominent and incredible fighters in the world, often underestimated and rarely defeated.


Komodo is fierce, cold, and quick to leap into action. He is a trained and disciplined warrior who can easily overcome many foes. When he encounters those who cannot be beaten he can also go into a lizard-like fury and rely solely on instincts and ferocity. He is terrifying and inhuman at those times which is why he tries to avoid that as much as possible. Part of Komodo is still the kid who was taken from his village and Komodo still loves cartoons and little toys. He feels true and deep compassion for those who have experienced suffering and is surprisingly good at comforting and cheering them. He is also very good at hurting those who hurt others. He cannot abide those who dominate, torture, or keep people down. He is generally cold and intimidating with those he doesn’t know but thoughtful and kind with those he cares about.



Introduction: “It’s Komodo. Sssssssshk. Don’t get in my way and we’ll get along fine...”

Exclamations: “I’ll bite your head off!” - “You didn’t want to do that!” - “SSSSSSSSSSSHK!”  

On his legacy: “The Syehk part of me wants to help people who are hurt. The lizard part of me wants to hunt down them that did the hurting. So I do both. Sssssssshk…”

On his outfit: “My scales are tough. I don’t really need clothes, but these wrappings remind me where I come from. Sssssssshk… How far I’ve come. What I have to make up for...”

On using Weapons: “Heh. The claws make it hard to hold weapons… Fortunately, the claws are all the weapons I need. Sssssssshk. If you don’t believe me, I could to show you.”

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