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"Lady Sunbeam has been an icon for decades. Anyone who took that mantle was going to be stepping into a world of judgement and impossible expectations. And Emilia not only embodied everything that Lady Sunbeam should be, not only has she stepped up against even bigger foes, but she's faced adversity with so much dignity and poise that she's taken it to another level. She's a queen!"
-Lesley Strelley, Reporter for HER Weekly


Emilia Ricci was born Eric Ricci but struggled from a young age with who she really was. But even as a child she idolized Lady Sunbeam. The bright and shining heroine looked like the perfect woman and her sunbeams and light blasts seemed to make any problem, any challenge easy to overcome. Emilia put up Lady Sunbeam posters, had a Lady Sunbeam lunchbox and dressed as Lady Sunbeam for Halloween. This drew stares and provoked whispers from both her parents and her classmates. Some people were not surprised when she came out and began to transition to her true self. But that didn't really make it any easier. Some boys kept their distance, some girls snickered, and her parents, even though they were trying their best, were no help at all. But Lady Sunbeam helped. Emilia dyed her hair blonde and wore the same shades of makeup. She tried to project the same confidence and beauty. Emilia became an outspoken member of the Trans community, being an activist and an advocate. She wore Lady Sunbeam t-shirts and used her as an example of the effect heroes had on people's lives beyond their costumed adventures. Emilia thought the biggest thrill of her life was meeting Lady Sunbeam. Her advocacy brought the two women together and though she was older Lady Sunbeam was honored by Emilia's praise and wanted to help her. Lady Sunbeam had always stood up for the rights of minorities and marginalized communities and she was at the forefront of speaking out for Trans rights and Trans acceptance. The two worked together on and off for a few years when the original Lady Sunbeam decided it was finally time for her to retire. Emilia thought that meeting Lady Sunbeam was the greatest thrill of her life; Then her icon asked Emilia to take up her mantle and carry on her legacy. Emilia was bestowed with the Solar Matrix, a powerful alien artifact that unlocks the power of Lady Sunbeam. There was outrage and off-color remarks and hostility when Emilia debuted as the New Lady Sunbeam. Some people may never accept her but she works every day to be the greatest heroine that she can be and to live up to the tremendous legacy that she has been entrusted with. She knows that girls and boys all over the world will have her posters on their walls and she cannot fail to be the hero that they deserve. 


The New Lady Sunbeam is passionate and principled. She feels the eyes of the world on her and she is determined to exceed everyone's expectations. She doesn't have much experience in the world of superheroics and she doesn't always know how best to use her myriad powers. While she sometimes has second thoughts about how to go about fighting villains or saving people, she is supremely confident in her moral compass and her ideals. She has seen people at their worst and she has seen them at their best and she knows what is right and what is wrong in her core. The New Lady Sunbeam is sassy, a little bit snarky, and always holds her head up high. 



Introduction: “Make way for Lady Sunbeam! Let's see what some solar power can do!”

Exclamations: "Hot damn!” - “Here comes the sun”  - “Let's brighten things up!” 

On her legacy: “I am so... so... I mean, this is what I always dreamed of! How many people have all their dreams come true? I have to be better than they could ever imagine. I owe her that. I owe myself that.”

On his outfit: “You can't mess with a classic. I just updated a little. Tweaked the cape and brought the boots up higher. Lady Sunbeam's gotta be mod!”

On using Weapons: “Guns kill people. Lady Sunbeam doesn't. I have the power of the sun. Source of all life, inexhaustible nuclear furnace... They don't make calibers that big.”

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