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During combat, heroes move around the map by Maneuvering. Our tokens are designed so that the can be spun using two fingers; each time the piece is spun this way is a Maneuver. The number of times a hero can Maneuver in a Panel is based on their Speed. Faster heroes can Maneuver more times per Panel than slower ones. However, because the mechanic is based on the size of the token and a span of a person's fingers, our maps all function the same regardless of scale. If your Maneuver is 3 you can move that same 3 times whether the map is of the inside of a bank, a city block, a whole neighborhood, or even the entire city. This means that slower heroes are never left out of a fight or outpaced while faster heroes can still utilize their ability to move around the map and the fun and versatility that allows. This system also means that combats can be easily adapted to be played without a map for those who play remotely or for less important fights that don't need a map. 

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