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"Marid means rebellion in the old tongue. All those once-angels who rebelled are, in the eyes of the One, evil. She hides her malevolence by turning her rage on other sinners. But that does not forgive her sins. she is a blight on this world. I will purge this affliction, even if it means dispatching the Ayanna woman and sending her on to the next life. I do not fear her Infernal weapons or her hellborne rage."

-Azaefer, Avenging Angel of the Host


Ayanna ​Pierce was born and raised in one of Union City's Shadow Hoods in the everpresent shadow of the massive skyway overhead. The neighborhood was one of urban blight, crime, and rampant poverty. Ayanna had to fight every day to stay safe and to work towards getting out. When she turned eighteen she decided that a war zone overseas would be better than the warzone she was living in up until then. The army helped her reclaim her pride but it also stoked the rage that had been growing in her for so many years. The army saw her potential and she was put in the infantry in the War in Omaazistan. She was a terror on the battlefield and at the base she fought bareknuckled with her fellow soldiers. After her first tour she reenlisted and went right back. It was on a mission out in one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the Omaazi desert that her unit made contact with a faction of fighters who had held up in sand-choked ancient ruins. Ayanna led her unit in without orders and they were butchered. The firefight was intense and bloody. In less than two minutes of gunfire and explosions Ayanna was the sole survivor. As she lay bleeding in the sand, a dark voice offered her a chance for the power to bring terrible retribution against those who she deemed deserving of it. Shellshocked and broken, she felt her life slipping away but she knew a dark bargain when she heard it. "No," she replied. "Too bad," the dark voice replied. When Ayanna woke up again she was in an army hospital in Germany. She assumed her encounter in the desert was a delusion brought on by blood-loss but it was not to be. When she got back to Union City she lost control and Marid was unleashed. The Demoness burned an abusive father to a crisp, tore a slumlord's arm off, and splattered three muggers with her bone-rifle. She soon learned that these transformations were tied to her PTSD. Her anxiety, fear, and stress would draw out Marid and a trail of bodies were left in her wake. Ayanna is trying hard to adjust to life after the war, to find a new path, and to reconcile herself with this curse that she is trying to keep in check and turn into a force for good. 


Ayanna is tough and determined. She is a disciplined woman who is back in her old neighborhood, trying to make it a place that does not crush so many people who are forced by circumstance and economics into the Shadow Hoods. Marid, on the other hand, is concerned with destroying those who Ayanna perceives as evil. Marid is mercurial, playfully malicious, and rebellious to a fault. She delights in bringing harm and horror to bad people. 



Introduction: “What have we here? I'm called Marid: the Demoness, and I am the fiery retribution that you so richly deserve.”

Exclamations: “Beelzebub's Burning Bones!” - “BANG BANG, Babies! Time to die!” - “Hell's a'comin'!”  

On her legacy: "I've slept for a thousand, thousand years. I've got a lot of lost time to make up for, and a lot of stray souls to send on their way... Straight to hell!”

On her outfit: "Don't be jealous. I know I look good."

On using Weapons: “I pull these right from Hell's elite armory. My gunfire can melt people down to their souls but for some people I prefer something a little sharper and a little slower. That way it's fun for everyone!”

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