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"The latest Nyx's Handmaidens concert was everything you'd expect: Popular singles, some of their new album, and an attack by the mythical villain Minotaur. Lead Singer Miscreant used magic to stop Minotaur mid-charge with a shout. Then she commanded the half-bull, half-man to be a halfway decent backup dancer. The only downside was that there was no encore after they closed with Miscreant's big hit Kick Her In The Head so she could go with the Union of Heroes to fight the Sorceress Circe."
-Laura Caranea, Critic-At-Large for Easterner Magazine

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Amalthea Harper was born into a cult and brought up as an innate witch. She never knew which of the women in the Coven was her mother, only that the most powerful witch was called “Mother Hex” and treated her as the chosen child. Amalthea was raised to believe that she would be the scion of a new era of dark magic. Her magical powers are inborn, the most prominent of which is her ability to command others with her voice. She does not cast spells nor was she ever tutored in arcane rites but rather she is a physical conduit between the Arcane realm and this world. These abilities are intuitive for her, but every time she uses her powers she allows evil to seep into this world. As she grew, she realized the dark rituals that powered the coven and the sacrifices in blood and tears that were made to infuse her with her occult channels. Miscreant rebelled but Mother Hex wouldn’t squander such an asset. She tried to extract the energy within Miscreant and the two engaged in a magical battle. Miscreant summoned all her burgeoning power and commanded Mother Hex to let her go and never seek her out again. She fled the Coven, wound up in Union City, and changed her life for the better. She enrolled in school, made friends, and started a band. None of them expected to become a sensation but Nyx’s Handmaidens won U-Town Breakdown and they got signed by a major label. Now Miscreant and Nyx’s Handmaidens top the charts and her concerts draw huge crowds. But she feels the pull of arcane energies that draw her still deeper into the chaos of occult heroics.


Miscreant is chaotic, passionate, and fierce. Her terrible powers are hindered by her own self-destructive streak and her addictive personality. She fears what will happen if she uses too much of her power too often and so she often throws herself into physical altercations rather than using her magic. As a result she is often bruised, bandaged, and testy due to the pain. Miscreant is passionate about her friends and tends to take things personally. She’s quick to hold a grudge and slow to forgive. But she will fiercely protect her friends against all comers, putting herself in the line of fire before letting them come to harm regardless of the consequences to herself.



Introduction: “Yo! I’m Miscreant and you’re under my spell. Hold on to your butts, because it’s about to get out! Of! Control!”

Exclamations: “Let’s Rock!” - “Get ready for some head-banging!” -  “Knock yourselves out.”

On her legacy: “Honestly… I want to make a difference. If I live long enough, if I can get all my crap straight. But on any given day I’m just tryin’ to rock it out. And the crowds all love it, so that’s awesome for right now.”

On her outfit: “Always wear black, always wear leather and Teflon. Rings and piercings, obviously and spend some time on your hair; it’s worth it. The more coverage the better. You just gotta do you.”

On using Weapons: “The best weapons I have are my brain and my voice. You’ll never have the last word if I have anything to do with it. And when all else fails, a swift kick to the chest will do.”

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