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"Have you seen #ModuleGirl's livestream? It's intense! She's fighting #KRUSSHtheCalamitythatwalks! She's also posting about how to get organized for Fall and a list on the top ten easy fixes to keep your self cyber-secure. Oh, man, she downloaded some kinda disintegration ray Module! she just bleeted about it! It's a particle diffusion beam that collapses molecular chains. #sciencechick #modulegirl4ever"

-DameDanger98, Social Media Trendsetter

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In the late 1950's Professor Anton Szinze formed the Science Squad. Louise "Weezie" Magnussen was the chemist on the team and there she met Carter Wright, the robotics expert. The two started dating in-between missions to orbit, the arctic, and mapping the mysterious cave systems beneath Mount Independence. When a werewolf outbreak was reported in the Principality of Varandova Professor Science found it irresistible and mounted a secret mission to investigate. Unfortunately it was a trap laid by Prince Vice and when he attempted to capture the Science Squad Louise was caught in a blast from one of the Prince's Robotic Sentries. She was stuck in a coma on life support at the Science Squad's headquarters. But Carter Wright refused to let her story end. He became obsessed with getting Weezie back. He began designing a system to replicate a person's brainwaves and memories and implant them into a robotic host. He began building more and more robot surrogates and experimenting on Weezie's comatose body. After years of work he finally developed an infinitely updatable and adaptable modular synthetic being. He replicated her brainwaves and activated the Weezie Robot. The two of them rejoined the Science Squad which had turned from a team of scientists to a team of scientist Superheroes over the years that they had been gone. On their adventures the robot with Weezie's brain patterns became increasingly aware of the fact that she was not Louise Magnussen but her own unique being. Carter did not like this. His obsession did not allow him to concede that the robot he made was not Weezie. When she finally declared herself Module Girl Carter snapped and tried to reprogram her. The Science Squad was forced to fight Carter and his robots to defend their new friend and teammate. Carter dubbed himself "the Maker" and began a relentless pursuit of Module Girl, the comatose Louise, and the Science Squad. Module Girl opted to stay on earth and explore her newfound sentience when the Science Squad left earth in the early 1970's to explore the moons of Jupiter and beyond in their epic Jovian Odyssey. She joined the Union of Costumed Heroes in the 80's at the same time as she began dating Kung Fu, the hollywood star. There were torrid headlines and there was public outcry about it being both a same-sex relationship and a synthetic person with a human. Module Girl was unfazed though. She was resilient and found she really enjoyed being in the spotlight. She became both a celebrity and a major superhero. She became the spokesperson for a M-Net, M-Corps' internet service provider in the early 90's and she teamed up with Gigabit to defeat Y2K the Sentient Computer Malfunction. After that she stopped her endorsements and focused on being a full time superhero and paragon of cyber-security. She also became one of the first and  biggest personalities on social media. She has emerged as a preeminent computer heroine and one of the most powerful and versatile heroes in Union City. 


Module Girl is enthusiastic, carefree, and highly intelligent. She is constantly posting on Bleet and Facespace and interacting with people online. She frequently takes selfies during battles with villains. She is able to reconfigure her modules to deal with nearly any threat so she is casual and chatty even during the most intense conflicts with supervillains and megamonsters. 



Introduction: “Hi hi! I'm Module Girl! You're probably following me already. Hoping to wrap this up quickly. #busybusy.”

Exclamations: "Selfie!” *SNAP* - “#kickingbutt!” -  “Gimme a second! I've got a module to download for this! 80% done... Right! #takehimdown”

On her legacy: “Some people still think of me as some robot vessel for Weezie or the robot from the M-Net CD-Roms but I just try to be my best me every day. Let them think what they want. #mybestme”

On her outfit: “I tried wearing dresses but no one can design for me. I prefer just being myself.”

On using Weapons: “I have many different modules. Some are weaponized. There is a tool for every job, and I've got a module to download for every situation.”

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