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"I've studied the classics, learned ancient greek, and did a thesis on Homer. Nothing could've prepared me for Odysseus. He is both exactly what I would've expected and completely original at the same time. He is Odysseus as a world-famous Prince charming who fights alongside superheroes with spear and shield. He's both trying to get home and enjoying the journey. This is a third great adventure of Odysseus unfolding before our eyes!"
-Thomas Gregory-Clarke, Agent of S.U.P.E.R.

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Odysseus was the key to Doctor Mavrokordatos’ plan when he created his time-travel robot. He plotted to kidnap iconic people from throughout time and hold them prisoner until the world paid a ransom to protect the past. The chronal scientist’s first test was meant to be Odysseus, hero of the Trojan War and legendary voyager. But Mavrokordatos’ calculations were off, and instead of the King of Legend it was a cavalier Prince who was brought forward to modern Union City. But Prince Odysseus was more than the mad scientist had bargained for. Odysseus wrecked Mavrokordatos’ time-travel robot in a battle worthy of an epic. When Odysseus overloaded the robot’s temporal  batteries the explosion killed Mavrokordatos and destroyed his lab, stranding Prince Odysseus in the present. Now Odysseus, Time-Lost Prince, adventures in Union City, righting wrongs and trying to find a way home.


Odysseus is bold and fearless. With his spear, sword and shield, he dispenses justice as he sees fit, but he has a lot to learn before he becomes the “Clever Odysseus” of Homer. He revels in his adventures with the heroes, gods, and monsters of this distant era. He learned English quickly, but tends to speak with a thick accent and cannot read, deeming literacy “silly”. He knows that he has an immense legacy awaiting him but for right now he is more than happy to be a celebrity and to live his life to the fullest. He’s dated several men and women since his impromptu arrival in the present, dressing to the nines and embodying the playboy. He’s carefree, enthusiastic, and a thrill-seeker. He often puts in earbuds for his InTune before donning his helmet and going into combat so he can rock out while he fights.



Introduction: “Hey, man. I’m Prince Odysseus; You’ve probably heard my stories.”

Exclamations: “Cool, man!” - “If you want to go to Hades, I can show you the way.” - “Haven’t you heard? I’m one-in-a-million!”

On his legacy: “I’ll get home. Of course I’ll get home. Everyone knows that. I’ve still got a war to win and a cyclops to trick.”

On his outfit: “The clothes in this time are the bomb. Have you seen my leather jacket? It’s custom-made for me. And these boots too, made from alligator. How cool is that? Tell me you love it, right? Oh, and my helmet. I brought that from home, but I look hot in my helmet.”

On using Weapons: “In my time men kill each other. They are hard and strong and you need to kill your enemy before he kills you. Men here aren't deadly dangerous and I don't kill them. Where is the brutal? I am not a barbarian. I am a warrior prince. Like Charming Prince though, ah?”

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