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Panels are how you take your turns and do things in combat. When it's your turn, you get a Panel... just like a Panel in a comic book! You describe how that Panel looks and that determines what you can accomplish during that turn. Unlike systems with rigid rules of moves, attacks, and other actions, Union City Heroes encourages a player to be truly heroic by making the most out of each of their turns. Smashing through rubble and flying towards the villain while shooting lasers from your eyes may sound like a lot of actions, but that's reasonable for an action-packed Panel in an epic comic book fight. If too much is going on in a Panel though, it's Crowded and so the player needs to choose fewer actions for their hero. And when a character brings an antagonist into a Panel, that character gets the next Panels to react. So, when the heroes all gang up on a villain, the villain gets more Panels, making for a shorter and more intense battle. 


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