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When you create a character you get Ranks to invest in Powers. These are abilities, skills, and characteristics that your character can use. Super Strength, Invulnerability, and Flight are Powers. So too are Powers like Invisibility, Teleportation, and Transmutation. Powers also let you create things like magical hammers, indestructible shields, bows with specialized arrows. Powers can also represent skills like being acrobatic, good at swinging a sword, or being able to do more damage with guns.  Each Rank you put in a Power increases its Level. The higher a Level the more potent a Power is. This could mean doing more damage at higher Levels of Super-Strength, Shrinking Smaller with Size Change Levels, or becoming better at detective work and benefitting from sleuthing with more Levels in Deduction. When you become a Greater Hero you get more Ranks to allocate towards gaining Levels in the Powers you already have or getting Levels in new Powers.  

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