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I wanted this system to have the fun and challenge of a crunchy numbers, but have the loose, storytelling-centric capabilities to allow for everything that happens in comics. To accomplish this, Powers are all paired with Qualities. These qualities effect both the style and the play of whatever they are attached to. For example, a Intergalactic Power Ring might make a Shield with the Qualities Cosmic and Energy. An American Super-Soldier might wield a Shield with the Qualities Metal, Projectile, and Melee. Still a Master of the Mystic arts might summon a Shield with the Arcane Quality. While all of these are Shields and they all perform similar tasks, they are different in flavor and in what they are strong and weak against. Each quality has opposing Qualities so that while you might want to use a Cosmic, Energy Shield against a Master of Magnetism, you probably wouldn't want to use a Metal Shield against that same opponent.

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