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"Lost Dog:

Lovable mutt with white fur and brown patches. Wearing an Orange Vest with a gold logo on the chest and matching orange cape. Also wearing blue goggles. May be seen flying, battling supervillains, or fetching entire trees. Very friendly but prone to run away at superspeed. Answers to Rescue Dog. If found, please call the Union of Costumed Heroes."

-Missing Dog Poster

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The  streets of Union City sometimes become the homes for animals that cannot find any other place in the worl​d. Rescue Dog was one of these countless unnamed, unwanted strays that wandered the alleys and sidewalks of the city. He was just a scrappy mutt who lived every day like an adventure all his own. It was a day of digging through trash, chasing stray cats, and trying to find scraps to eat when Rescue Dog's life changed forever. Star Knight was chased to Earth by Hanavar the Hunter. The intergalactic mercenary had wounded Star Knight in battle and sent him crashing down in a back alley of Union City. The plucky young dog found the alien hero bleeding and barely conscious. Rescue Dog sniffed Star Knight, licked his wounds and whimpered empathetically. Then a shadow passed over them as Hanavar teleported before them. Rescue Dog turned, growling and baring his teeth, trying to protect someone who couldn't protect himself. Hanavar grabbed Rescue Dog by the scruff of the neck and threw the poor dog through a brick wall. Hanavar held the charger on his Nebula Gun, pointing it at the prostrate alien crusader. Before he could squeeze the trigger Rescue Dog smashed back out through the wall and leapt atop the Hunter. With newly-awakened super strength and invulnerability Rescue Dog bit into the evildoer and saved the hero whose strange alien blood had given him these extraordinary abilities. After beating Hanavar the Hunter Star Knight tried to take Rescue Dog with him on adventures across the cosmos but Rescue Dog didn't want to leave Union City. Rescue Dog resumed his life on the street but now with the ability to fly and lift a car. Rescue Dog does not like mean people and has an uncanny sense for when people are in distress and seeks them out to help and comfort them. Rescue Dog is a good boy. Yes he is. Yes he is. Who's such a good boy? Rescue Dog! Such a good boy with a fwuffy face! 


Rescue Dog is a free spirit. He wanders the streets or flies above them as he will. He often befriends people who are eating something tasty or drops by through open windows in high rise apartments. Various people have tried to take him in over the years but Rescue Dog has no desire to be a pet and his powers make him far too much for anyone to handle. He had been given several collars and bandanas by adoring fans but they always got destroyed in encounters with supervillains. Doctor Tomorrow eventually made him a high-durability vest with a cape and goggles so that people can see him coming and know that it's a super dog that they're dealing with. He loves his costume and he does not like people trying to mess with it. Some people see Rescue Dog as a menace but most love him as an unofficial mascot of Union City.  But that doesn't much matter to Rescue Dog. He's just out to live his life and be the best dog he can be. 



Introduction: “Woof!”

Exclamations: “Grrrrrrrrr!” - “Woof! Woo-Woo-Woo!” - “AAAAooooooo!”  

On his legacy: *Panting* "Woof!”

On his outfit: *Wags tail happily*

On using Weapons: “Grrrrr...”

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