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"There is a blight in our streets. A murdering vigilante. While his victims may be underworld hoods and thugs, we cannot abide criminality of any kind! This gun-toting masked man uses bullets and fists to do the job of god-fearing duly appointed lawmen, and he tears through our peaceful streets in his so-called emerald deathmobile. We will tolerate this one-man war on crime no more! Today we are announcing that there is a reward for the capture of the Green Death!"
-Brian Deward, Commissioner of the Union City Police


Weston Drake was island-hopping and treasure-hunting in south pacific he was nearly killed by a group of natives during the 1920’s. When their medicine man performed a sacred ritual he declared the pale stranger's heart clean and gave him the Green Skull Herb that restored Weston Drake to health and sharpened his mind. The drug induced rage, pain, and strength in the adventurer and with a stock of it he returned to his hometown of Union City where he set about creating the persona of a terrifying avenger. A grim spectre appeared on the rooftops, in the alleyways, and busting down the doors of the speakeasies of Union City. He was the Green Death, a two-gunned, two-fisted vigilante who would cut down the scum and criminal element that festered in his city. He had custom pistols made, designed a custom car to tear around the city, and, in honor of the herb that fueled his quest, donned a green veil with haunting, laughing eyes. Wearing a green suit he took to the underworld of Union City and left a trail of blood and bodies in his wake. Now the Green Death has reappeared in Union City, with the same look as the original and the same twin guns blazing. A single individual with no powers standing up to the criminals and lowlives that terrorized the regular people of Union City.


No one is sure who has taken up the veil of the Green Death, though rumors abound. The Green Death is as good at solving mysteries as being mysterious. He or she races into battle in the Emerald Deathmobile, a souped-up car with built-in machine guns and bullet-proof windows. The Green Death is cold, intimidating and short of temper. The veil over the vigilante’s face obscures all emotion, looking eternally grim and foreboding with terrifying, laughing eyes. The Green Death is obsessed with the mission of eradicating crime and putting criminals in jail or, if need be, in graves. This often brings the crusader in conflict with his or her more squeamish companions. The Green Death is exceptionally stealthy, sneaking in and out of situations and using green smoke bombs in combat to disappear, taunting opponents with a haunting laugh from within the billowing cloud. While he or she can brawl with the best of them, a gun can be a great leveler when dealing with robots, aliens, and monsters. The guns aren’t about carnage, but about evening the odds and protecting the lives, liberty and property of ordinary citizens.



Introduction: “Men call me the Green Death, and I oblige them with a death of their own.”

Exclamations: “Scum!” - “Let the bullets do the talking!” - “Oh, Green Damnation!”

On his legacy: “There is always a Green Death. The person under the mask is irrelevant. What matters is the mission. What matters is tallying more deaths in the criminal column than they can add to the innocent column.”

On his outfit: “For a century, evil men have feared this suit, have looked in terror in their last moments at this mask. This suit and this mask does its job.”

On using Weapons: “Justice is unstoppable, inexorable. But sometimes it needs some bullets to help it along.”

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