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"Well from the plains of Texas there came a man
whose skin is tougher'n a frying pan.
He can rope, and ride, and fly high too,
toss a semi-truck up into the blue.
He's a cowboy like in the classic style,
he'll tip his hat with a prairie smile.
Villains he'll rope and tie; no fuss,
he's fair, polite and don't never cuss.
Gone up to the city and got Unionized
'Cause his strength and heart are Texas-Sized.
To Wrangler! Yee-Haw! three cheers!
so slap your knees and raise your beers!"
-Ballad of Wrangler by Country Star Declan Oake

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Mack Travis was born and raised in Texas. Since he was four years old he's had remarkable strength, and as far as he reckons, he's gotten stronger every day. By the time he graduated high school he could fly and bullets bounced off his skin. He always loved stories about cowboys, Texas Rangers, and his great-great grandad who fought with Sam Houston. He learned to rope and to throw a lasso both on the ground and in the air. He bench-pressed full cattle cars. So he went to the big city lookin’ to put his strength and skills with a lasso to work in the cause of justice. He carries a long fibersteel cable that he uses to rope and take down law-breakers and super-criminals alike. Wearing a classic duster, cowboy boots, riding gloves and a stetson over his spandex costume, he looks every inch the Cowboy Hero. At first he had some trouble adapting to the culture of Union City, he never really encountered too many folks who didn’t look or think like him growing up on his ranch back in Texas. But Wrangler isn’t just physically strong, he’s got a strong heart too. He’s become one of the most accepting and principled heroes in Union City. He doesn’t like bullies and he doesn’t like people who put down other folks just because they’re different.


Wrangler is friendly, polite, and strong as they come. He is confident, with square shoulders and steady hands. He takes pride in the fact that he is accepting of people and ideas that are different from the ones he knew back home in Texas. Sometimes, this pride gets a little silly, like bragging about getting vegan ice cream or introducing his gay friends to one another. But it is always well-meaning and in the spirit of being a good person. He’s proud of being from Texas and of being American. He sees the best parts of both and that outlook also tends to let him see the best in those around him. He tends not to push when confronted with things he doesn’t agree with unless those things are hurtful to others, in which case he stands up to them without hesitation.



Introduction: “Howdy! Y’all ok? The name’s Wrangler and I aim to help if I can.”

Exclamations: “Yee-Haw!” - “Tarnation!” - “Hoo-Boy! This is gonna be a rough one. Let’s ride!”

On his legacy: “I’m just a fella who’s stronger’n most. But I try to be as good as I can be. Not everyone is so fortunate as to be from Texas so, I do what I can for ‘em.”

On his outfit: “Well, I guess you might call it tellin’ but when I decided to be a hero I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what a hero looks like. These are my ridin’ gloves, my daddy’s Stetson, and this here is the same kinda coat my great-great-grandad wore when he fought with Sam Houston. And when folks see me, I think they know that a cowboy is a good guy. I like that.”

On using Weapons: “Sure, I like goin’ huntin’, but I don’t need no guns or the like when I fight. I sure do love to rope, though. And it’s pretty convenient to be able to tie down a bad guy or to lasso something to keep it from gettin’ away. And that fibersteel is tough as all get out, so it don’t break.”

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