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"Hello? Metro desk? It's Kavvy. Listen, quick. I'm giving you the story before his Myrmidon catch me. Headline- No, Shelly, just write this down! They're coming now! Listen. Headline: Alexander Topples Moscow. The dawn was dappled with snow when the quiet of the Soviet Capital was shattered by countless Macedonian Dropships coming out of the low grey clouds. Hovertanks opened fire with no warning to the citizens just rising and dressing for church. The voice of Alexander the Great blared over loudspeakers. Quote: moscow, i declare you liberated from the specter of communism! For the safeguard of humanity your nuclear arsenal are now assets of macedon. you will- Hold it. Shelly, I gotta put the phone down. They're coming in. Stop! Don't shoot! I'm a reporter!"
-Final Report from Walter Kavilowski, Columnist for the Union City Herald, April 3rd, 1975

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It was during the Great War that a hero rose from amongst the people and rallied that proud nation around him. Macedonia rose as one of the strongest small nations after the end of the War. Alexander declared himself the Great, the great hero returned to the world. When fascists rose Alexander was one of the most notable heroes, fighting Nazis and aiding the allies. He was a fearsome combatant and a brilliant tactician. But the perception of him as a hero shifted quickly after the fall of the Axis. A Macedonian blitz in the spring of 1945 made Alexander the first army into Berlin and to capture Nazi scientists. The armies of Macedon began their conquests, now greatly enhanced by captured super-technology. India fell with little consequence to the great western powers, embroiled as they were in the Cold War. There were many mysteries about Alexander that have confounded even the most brilliant detective. No one knows who this Alexander actually is. There is contradictory evidence to suggest that he is the original travelled through time, a clone of the original, and that he is just a Macedonian peasant who took up the name. It is also not known how he has not aged for more than a century. What is for sure is that by the time the Silver Age was in full swing Alexander the Great was a true villain. He first fought the American hero community (some of whom he had fought alongside in WWII) when the Glorious Vishnu led his teammates in the Union of Heroes to liberate India. Alexander the Great turned his eye for conquest against the heroes and America. He invaded Washington DC, conquered Egypt and northern Africa, and sacked Rome. He fought Mister Power, Doctor Tomorrow, and the full Union of Heroes many times. In the 1970's he fought Soviet heroes (and villains) and deposed the leader of the USSR, claiming a nuclear arsenal for Macedon. More geo-politically stable than ever, he claimed to reform in the 1980's. Alexander has fought shoulder-to-shoulder with heroes many times before, against Prince Vice, against Alien Invasion, and against the Infernal Takeover. So it was not unbelievable when he joined the Union of Heroes. But this ruse lasted only a scant few years. He had been plotting against his unsuspecting allies and betrayed them terribly, killing two members. He turned upon, murdered, and disgraced his teammates, tarnishing and eliminating heroes that had stifled and stood in the way of his plans. He blew up the Great Hall of the Union of Heroes and escaped to his military installation in Antarctica. The Glorious Vishnu once again rallied a band of heroes to end the threat of Alexander once and for all. They assaulted the frozen base and swept aside the Cyborg Myrmidon and Hover Tanks, entering the inner sanctum. But there was no sign of the Conqueror. They rendezvoused with the Vanguard and a huge assembly of heroes entered Macedon, taking control of the Golden Palace and the Sword, Alexander's military headquarters. There was no sign of him anywhere. In the aftermath Macedon established a shaky new democracy but was an Empire in decline. The Union of Heroes was reformed with an all new line-up for the 1990's and the mystery of Alexander the Great's fate became as engrossing and unknown as that of his origins. What happened to Alexander the Great? Will he ever return? He always claimed to be the Once and Future Conqueror. He brought the Ancient World under his thumb and returned to the 20th Century to do so again. Is it conceivable that he would not return once more to complete his subjugation and extend his dominion to all the world? We all must wait and see.


Alexander the Great is smug, superior, and arrogant. He's not unjustified in his confidence. He is brilliant, one of the world's greatest combatants, and he has technologically astonishing armor that enables him to go toe-to-toe with even the most powerful heroes in the world. Alexander feels strongly that he is the only person capable of ruling one world, united under his regime. He is not cruel but he is ruthless. He is cunning and not afraid to use the full force of his massive military to assure his victory. He has been known to fight alongside the heroes of earth against common threats like other dictators, alien invasions, and the occasional world-ending threat. But such alliances only last as long as they are advantageous for Alexander. 



Introduction: “Kneel in supplication. I am Alexander, your rightful leader. You now serve under my banners.”

Exclamations: "You dare?! You rampant cur!” - “For the Glory of Alexander, Forward!”  - “You shall fall!” 

On his legacy: “I am Alexander. I am the Once and Future Conqueror. I am the Great.”

On his outfit: “Internalized shield generators, strength-enhancing servos, and propulsion boots. I have formal attire for more ceremonial occasions but I always prefer the battle armor.”

On using Weapons: “My laser sword is a molecule-splitter. I've made Vishnu bleed with it. I've also made him bleed with a Hovertank blast. And with one of the Myrmidon's energy spears, overridden to full power... Anything that can help me kill that blasted Super-God is ideal, really.”

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