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Union City Alliance: Heroes Unite Base Game plus all Stretch Goals with free Shipping to the United States! This is a PRE-ORDER for Late Backers who missed the Union City Alliance Kickstarter. This will ship with all other backer pledges in October of 2021

The Union City Alliance: Heroes Unite Base Game


6 Playable Heroes: Captain Jupiter, Doctor Tomorrow, the Green Death, Lady Sunbeam, Odysseus, & Wrangler

2 One-Shot Team-Up Heroes: Bumble-Boy & Silent Ronin 

3 Supervillains: the Pterano-Don of the Dino-Mafia, Alexander the Great, & KRUSSH

1 Central City Deck: Downtown Union City

3 Scenarios: The Street Pirates, the Starlet Strikes, & Colonel Progress Q. Bargum's Big Wheel Circus! 

24 Map Panels + the Hero Headquarters Starting Panel 

150+ Tokens 

Rulebook and Sourcebook 

Union City Alliance Heroes Unite Kickstarter Late Pledge

  • This is a PRE-ORDER and will fulfill in October of 2021

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