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"Prince Vysce welcomes you to Varandova! The storied Capital of Vyscedorf is yours to explore, but make sure you register your itinerary with the office of tourism to avoid confusion with the robotic sentries. and don't let folktales dissuade you either. Prince Vysce has completely harnessed the Lycanthropic infection and now the Wolfman Dragoons are part of his police forces. His Principality has the lowest crime rate of any country in the world, so feel safe in the old world charm of the city and surrounding area. make sure you take full advantage of the mandatory tour guides, and don't go anywhere without them. They are there for your convenience and to provide sanctioned information on any subject that you require. All hail Prince Vysce!"

-Official Varandovan Travel Guide, circa 2010


The Romans had stories of Varandova and took pride in subjugating it, making note of the feral legends of the country and their connection to the Wolf of Romulus and Remus. Even in those ancient times Varandova was as synonymous with Werewolves as Transylvania is with Vampires. But other than legends of monsters in the full moon, Varandova was little more than an obscure little Eastern European nation for centuries. That changed when Prince Vysce took the throne. From a young age the Prince was brilliant and driven. He studied under Von Bismarck and Lord Salisbury for Military Tactics and Diplomacy. He spent time learning under Doctor Tomorrow on the most advanced technologies of the day. Finally he studied with the Librarian, the Orange Eternal, and Doctor Uciff to learn of alchemy, secret knowledge, and sorcery. The Prince's prestige, his wealth, and his extraordinary ability meant that virtually no door was closed to him and he made more of those chances than anyone could have imagined. The Prince discovered that the dull, malleable ore that was prevalent in the mountains, Varandite, was the closest thing to the Philosopher's Stone of Legend. He spent years securing the world's supply and developing an alchemical infusion that arrested his aging. In that time his father, old Prince Varner, grew senile and enfeebled. Vysce was Crowned Prince and took control of all of Varandova. He kept the Principality neutral through the first World War and fought the Nazi invasion in 1941 and the Soviet Invasion in 1945. To help secure his borders he undertook a massive construction project throughout the 1940s, building scores of Robotic Sentries. Each was twenty meters tall and with enough firepower to stop an entire armed brigade or more. Even these technological wonders couldn't hold back the Soviet encroachment, though. So Prince Vysce set aback making a weapon to ensure their capitulation. He created a Stasis Bomb, one powerful enough to freeze a huge portion of the USSR, rendering them literally inert. His plans were foiled by the intervention of his old mentor Doctor Tomorrow. The Doctor rigged the bomb to activate on contact and limited the field to only a few inches. He warned the Prince not to try and use his terrible contraption but Vysce could not be dissuaded. He tried to use the bomb and it went off, trapping his hands in the paralytic field. Refusing to be held hostage to his own arrogant schemes he chose to amputate his hands to free himself. He replaced them with powerful Varantite-alloy clamps designed to help him harness Alchemical energies. After this he tilted more and more into tyrannical fervor and revenge fantasies. He tried to trap and experiment of Professor Science's Science Squad when he discovered that Anton Szinze had escaped as a refugee from Varandova. Prince Vice, the Union City newspapers derisively dubbed him after he attempted to kidnap the entire United Nations only to be stopped by the Vanguard. His Diplomatic Immunity and an Alchemical Clone-Golem were the only things that kept him out of an American Jail after that fiasco. In the late 70's Prince Vice finally succeeded at capturing a live Werewolf specimen. He soon developed a serum that allowed him to transform subjects (both volunteers and less enthusiastic individuals) into Wolfman Dragoons. These strong and fearsome soldiers had the regenerative abilities and heightened senses of a werewolf but without the loss of control. Soon hundreds had been converted into a well-armed force of trained soldiers. Varandova has never fallen. Not to the Nazis, not the Soviets, not to Alexander the Great, the Science Squad, the Vanguard, or the Union of Heroes. Within his borders Prince Vice rules supreme and woe betide any who find themselves within his iron grip. 


Prince Vice is proud, courtly, and has an implacable sense of honor. He knows he was born to rule Varandova and he has kept it secure while the rest of the world has been thrown into chaos. Kings and conquerors and dictators and whole nations have risen and fallen during his reign, but Varandova has remained unchanged. Men sought to unlock the secrets of Alchemy for centuries but their accumulated knowledge could only scratch the surface of what Prince Vice has learned. He has dragged werewolves from the shadows of legend and turned them into soldiers in his service. He's built an army of giant robots, the first and only such state-owned arsenal in existence. The Prince's arrogance is indeed well-earned. And his ire is legendary. A slight, even a perceived slight, is never forgiven by the Prince of Varandova. He's proven this time and again, seeking to crush those who dare to cross him. He tends to snap and gnash his vice-hands like a steel crab and the merciless monarch's temperament is little better. Brave, conceded, powerful, and vain, Prince Vice is a man you would better take all pains to avoid crossing paths with, because he cannot tolerate a self-styled hero, and Prince Vice is not a man you want to count as an enemy. 



Introduction: “I will not make any introductions. I despair of your decadent Western education systems if you cannot instantly recognize the great Prince Vysce!”

Exclamations: "For Varandova and her Princes!” - “Hellfire and Azoth!”  - “Seize them, you curs! If you want to see another day, SEIZE THEM!” 

On his legacy: “The people of Varandova love their Princes. They always have. Such is our relationship with our subjects. But I am another matter. No man, not even my great forebearers, have come close to accomplishing what I, Prince Vysce, have done ”

On his outfit: “Of course I wear the pelts of the first werewolf I killed, and his pack. But I lament the loss of style and grandeur that was the privilege of my forebears. They were treated royally by all the world. They did not have costumed oafs interfering with matters of state. I do not have that luxury. I wear a Varandite-laced breastplate and attire of my own design. The circlet is the only part of my garb that it ancestral. It is the crown of the Prince of Varandova and it is immutable and constant.”

On using Weapons: “I cannot wield weapons, thanks to that blasted Doctor Tomorrow. Now I have these two vices as my hands and one day I shall squeeze that impudent American between them. Until then I design weapons for my troops and to ensure the sovereignty of Varandova against all enemies, both without and within.”

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