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"That blasted Super-God. I've felt the blows of his mace, the cut of his discus, heard the blast of his conch and been moved by his lotus. But I will never concede defeat! I despise his fellow Super-Gods! I defy their Super-City of Saketa! Soon, oh soon I will tear them all down! He may be aeons old and powerful enough to knock the moon out of orbit but I will not let the Glorious Vishnu stand in my way again!"

-Alexander the Great

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Sridhar Venkata was a novelist, journalist, songwriter and adventurer. He covered the Spanish Civil War, Ghandi's freedom movement, and the abuses of Imperialism in India. It was in 1942 when he discovered the doorway to Saketa. This wondrous city of Super-Gods, both ancient and futuristic, was out of sync with this world. Guarding the gates was a shrine to Vishnu with a holographic statue holding four relics. The statue spoke to Sridhar, saying, "Bestowed by the four attributes of legend with strengths too incredible to describe; First of the Super Gods, beings of immense power and uncanny ability; Glorious Vishnu now take up your arms and strike out into the world." Sridhar Venkata ceased to be and he became the superhero incarnation of Vishnu. Using his amazing powers he brought Saketa back into the world. When Alexander the Great invaded India Vishnu fought him to a standstill before Alexander's armies leveled the Sriranga Temple and brought it down on top of him. Vishnu was delayed, not defeated. He rallied the Union of Heroes and drove Alexander the Great from India after an epic battle against the conqueror on the banks of the burning Ganges. Many were the subsequent adventures of the Glorious Vishnu protecting India, Saketa, Union City, Earth, and entire galaxies with his epic wisdom and power.


The Glorious Vishnu is calm, wise, and powerful. His confidence is not brash, it is grounded in wisdom and power. Vishnu is as likely to use his Lotus to manipulate reality or his conch to bring men to their knees as he is to simply smash and slash with his mace and his chakram. Vishnu looks on the sins and ills of men as weakness and folly. He is above any hatred or rage at mortals. Vishnu dreams of a better world and knows himself to be a beacon and inspiration to mankind. But against inhuman foes, especially other divine, infernal or cosmic beings, he shows the measure of his god-like outrage. He is stern in retribution and joyous in celebration. Vishnu is as good a dancer as he is a warrior. He is supportive of his allies but not shy about offering his wisdom, whether they like it or not.



Introduction: “Behold, the Glorious Vishnu and be at peace! All will be well now.”

Exclamations: "As I dream the Universe!” - “Saketa Eternal!” - “Let us begin the dance!”  

On his legacy: “I am but one incarnation, as we all are. I am both the same and independent from the God Vishnu, from Rama or from Krishna. They have their tales. I have mine.”

On his outfit: “This is the attire of a Super-God. I wore this before the great Dinosaur Kingdoms rose and fell, before the ice came and receded, before man took his first steps in the waves, on the earth, and to the stars. It was perfect then. It is perfect now.”

On using Weapons: “My four attributes allow me to combat the evils of this realm. My Gada with its weight of the world and my Chakram, rounded with 108 serrated edges. But so too my Shanka which sounds across men’s souls and my lotus, with all its wisdom and beauty. All these things are necessary to hold back the darkness. It takes balance to vanquish malevolence.”

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