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"You can't call him a Mad Scientist. I can understand the impulse because he checks a lot of the boxes but it's not science. He says it's science, but it's not. There's no biological foundation to his zombies. all those involuntary surgeries aren't exploratory they're just torture! He crippled the Green Death. He turned Strangegrave into his own personal abattoir and zombie factory more than once... But he is NOT a Scientist, mad or otherwise. He's something else entirely."

-Doctor Tomorrow


Parts of no less than thirteen people were found in Doctor Necronomicon's Operating Room when the police raided it in the Summer of 1937. The smell had led to complaints from neighbors of the abandoned hospital on the South Side of Union City and the beat cop who investigated was the final victim in the evil Doctor's first murder spree. He was gunned down but somehow survived. In prison his wounds festered and did not heal but he didn't die. When they gave him the electric chair they thought they killed him but he climbed out of his grave days later. His second killing spree was only one victim but was far, far more gruesome. Days of surgery on an unwilling victim tied down on a wooden table in a dank basement. When the Green Death found him the victim begged for death and the Doctor's decomposing skin began looking like the ghastly visage he still bears today. The Green Death put cyanide-infused bullets into Doctor Necronomicon, and still he did not die. That's when the Doctor was sent up-river to Strangegrave Penitentiary. The haunted and cursed old monstrosity of a prison felt like home to the terrible doctor and he relished his incarceration. He almost never tries to escape. Instead every few years he manages to corner some inmate in a quiet hallway, he gets his hands on a guard, or there is a riot and he sets up in the Prison Medical Ward. When something does tempt him to escape his eerily homey maximum security cell the results are always unimaginably terrible. More than once a hero has thought they've finally ended the menace of Doctor Necronomicon, but he always claws his way out of his grave to continue his wicked work. There will always be Doctor Necronomicon to terrify Union City. 


Doctor Necronomicon is a walking corpse, his skin a sickening green. He is a well-spoken and knowledgable doctor with a very warm bedside manor; of course that's little comfort when he's extracting a victim's bones or showing them all the parts he's removed. He reads old Scientific Update Magazines from the 1930's and sips tea while sitting in the worn-out arm chair in his sub-basement cell, listening to recordings of old radio broadcasts. He has infinite capacity for imagining all manner of horrors to subject his victims to. He likes finding the things that matter most and taking them with his scalpel. Cutting out the eyes of a person with laser=vision or removing the wings from a hero known to fly. It's this viciousness that above all defines Doctor Necronomicon and his unkillable nature and mysterious abilities make him one of the most fearsome and horrible villains in Union City. 



Introduction: “What seems to be the problem? Trust me, I'm a Doctor. Doctor Necronomicon. Never mind, I can't understand you with the gag in your mouth. I'll just start cutting and see what I find.”

Exclamations: "HAHAHAHAHAHA!” - “Let's get you under the knife!”  - “Oh, the wonders of Modern Medicine! Let me show you!” 

On his legacy: “There are always unfortunate victims to advance medicine. When my work is done, you'll all see what it has been in aid of.”

On his outfit: “The prison makes me wear the orange jump suit but I feel most comfortable in a white coat.”

On using Weapons: “Weapons? No, never. I am a man of science. I don't have weapons, I have healing tools. And, speaking as a Doctor of the curative arts, I can safely call them instruments.”

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