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"The people cast their eyes to the heavens and beheld to their horror that the skies are transformed to ashes and flame. Time froze in fear and the blood in the veins of the people scorned to live and tainted itself to poison. Her will turns minds to violence, her presence is chaos embodied. Every scream is a prayer and the world is reduced, a burnt offering to Kali!"

-Ranjan the Fanatic, High Priest of Kali

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In Primordia, the Era before the Dinosaur Kingdoms rose and fell, Saketa was one of many great Super-Cities on and in and above the Auld Earth. The beings of that city were embodiments of the great powers of existence. Kali was the Goddess of Chaos and Havoc. She brought strife and sought to bring down the Glorious City. But she was thrown back and cast into the Infinity Vortex by the Glorious Vishnu. Kali is eternal, though. Her four attributes could not be destroyed and were scattered across the molten surfaces and into the deep virgin oceans. When the Glorious Vishnu brought Saketa back to the world it returned with it many great wonders. The flying city hovered over India and was a jewel in the skies, inspirational and majestic. But the call of Saketa echoed across realms untold and the attributes of Kali resonated in response. These artifacts willed themselves to be discovered and cursed the unfortunate people who did with tragedy and horrible knowledge. The Cult of Kali was born. They employed her Attributes to bring about her great and terrible will and in 1971 they achieved their ultimate goal, the rebirth of Kali from a broken and defiled host. Esha had no last name, given at birth by a willing devotee to the cult. She endured unspeakable tortures all through her stunted and bleak life. She thought that when the day of the sacrifice came she would be free of her pain, but Kali would not allow even that minor mercy. The four attributes were at last completely assembled by the cult and Esha was transformed and possessed by the Super-Goddess, becoming Kali the Korruptor. She nearly caused a cataclysmic war between India and Pakistan in the following days, despoiling cities and driving whole armies into maddened mobs bent on blasphemous reaving. Only when the Glorious Vishnu discovered her and drew her out was her awful plan averted. But she could not be truly defeated, totally cremating herself from within and floating away on a breeze. She could reconstitute herself from a single speck of this ash and so she did. Again and again Kali struck at Saketa, at the Glorious Vishnu, and at the World. She can control shadows, vomit acidic blood, and is nearly as strong and invulnerable as her arch-enemy.  More than once she has Korrupted the Glorious Vishnu's friends and allies, turning them into evil weapons in her service. Everything Kali touches withers and rots in her Korrupting presence. 


Kali the Korruptor is chaotic, malevolent, and has all the powers of a Super-God. She thrives on terror and destruction. Kali operates in many ways: As a whispering voice driving a person mad, as a Demon Goddess distributing dark blessings, as a scheming mastermind commanding her cults and devotees, and as a living deity striding across the firmament sowing anarchy in her footsteps and bringing low any and everything in her path. She is enigmatic and cruel, sometimes spending weeks or months subtly destroying the lives and fortunes of those who have caught her ire. Even the smallest of slights can draw her attention and lead to awful consequences. Her machinations are inscrutable and often changeable at any given moment. Even in the middle of combat to bring to fruition a brutal rite or vile plot she might turn to ash and float away into the shadows to some other dark purpose.  



Introduction: “Despair, Mortals, your hour of reckoning has come round, and your souls are forfeit to Kali.”

Exclamations: "Nothing is so pure it cannot be Korrupted!” - “Kneel! Pray to me for Mercy that I might relish in its denial!”  - “REIGN CHAOS! REIGN ANARCHY!” 

On her legacy: “I was buried a million million years and still the sniveling hordes knew my name. They made up stories to do me glory. I have died the ultimate death and been reborn. Kali is eternal. I shall watch the last fires of the universe go dark, crumble to implacable entropy and still shall there be Kali.”

On her outfit: “The cult dressed poor little Esha in this gaudy attire before I was reborn of her flesh. I keep it as shrine to her Korruption. As I tainted her from mortal clay to the evil sinew of my new form, so shall I turn all souls to Kali.

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