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"The following report constitutes an initial estimate of damages from the KRUSSH attack. Due to the monster's ability to incorporate everything it destroys into its form, effectively growing larger the more it destroys, the damage gets worse exponentially depending on how late in the attack the affected area lays. In total over fourteen blocks were leveled completely. Major damage was caused to over thirty other blocks. The destruction was all on the Northside, spanning from as far south as the River and extending nearly to City Hall. This includes leveling 90 buildings, the destruction of over 400 motor vehicles, and the death of 38 people."

-From the Cover Letter of the Union City Office of Powered Events, Fall 1997 Special Report

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On a distant planet, eons ago, a terrible weapon was forged. In an alien war that tore apart a far-away world, this doomsday device was fashioned and unleashed. It destroyed everything in its path as its basic instinct. Everything was broken, wrecked, or shattered by the weapon was absorbed by it. The more it destroyed the more it absorbed. The more it absorbed the bigger it got. The bigger it got the more in destroyed. And on and on. But soon those who built the weapon realized they could not stop it. It continued its course of ruination endlessly, eventually shattering the entire world and becoming a planet-sized monstrosity. It then sent itself careening across the cosmos. Though it lost great portions of its mass crossing between worlds it only took a minute fragment of rubble to crash on a new planet and start the process anew. In 1953 a large asteroid crashed down outside Union City. A man-sized creature made of space-worn rocks and debris from the crash crawled from the crater. it screamed "KRUSSH!" and so it did. KRUSSH left a path of destruction towards the city, clashing with the police, the National Guard, and even a diligent scientist and his plucky sister. KRUSSH wrecked its way through all of them until it met Mister Power. Humanity's Greatest Hero reduced KRUSSH to dust. It lay dormant for some years until particles from KRUSSH were used in the silica of a sandblaster on a construction site. KRUSSH was a tiny little monster but as it wrecked other tools and small pieces of equipment it grew again. KRUSSH was loose once more in the heart of Union City. But it was 1963 and the Union of Heroes was there to stop it again. It returned in 1965 and the Science Squad scrambled its atomic code, effectively killing it. Unfortunately fragments from earlier encounters still remained and were eventually part of some kind of destruction. It's been well over two dozen times that KRUSSH has struck, sometimes in distant countries and even on other worlds, and every time there is a terrible loss of life and extraordinary devastation. Who knows in what form KRUSSH will rise in again. It's used sunken ships and broken oil deep sea oil wells as its body. It's been a junkyard brought to life and a multi-car collision on a rampage. Wherever there is destruction, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, there is a chance that KRUSSH will be there, ready to extend that catastrophe a thousand-fold, and keep wrecking everything until it can at last crush the Earth completely and move on to a new target. 


KRUSSH means only to crush. Destruction is both its goal and its fuel. It is totally mindless outside of that singular purpose. It is unknown as to how it can speak or why its only vocalization is KRUSSH. It displays no intelligence other than a seemingly innate knowledge of where the most destruction can be done and a will to eliminate anything that means to prevent it from destroying more. KRUSSH cannot be distracted, dispelled, or reasoned with. KRUSSH will crush, and that is all. 



Introduction: “KRUSSH!”

Exclamations: "KRUSSH!” - “KRUSSH!”  - “KRUSSH!” 

On its legacy: “KRUSSH!”

On its outfit: “KRUSSH!”

On using Weapons: “KRUSSH!”

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