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Union City Heroes first and foremost aims to be the best Comic Book Superhero Roleplaying Game that you've ever played. Our innovative rules and mechanics mean that you have the most fun with the gameplay and can tell the greatest comic-style stories. But we aspire to more than that. We have crafted a rich, complex, and tremendously awesome superhero setting. A city vibrant with capes and cowls, with a history built around the cosmic adventures and vigilante crusaders. We aim to make the world of Union City Heroes the kind of comic universe you want to explore every corner of. The kinds of heroes and villains in Union City are broad and varied and we mean that in every sense. We want to reflect the diversity of our players and our world in Union City Heroes. Every race, color, creed, religion, orientation, gender, species, and type of people have heroes amongst them, and we aspire to ensure that Union City Heroes accurately portrays that. And with that in mind, we hope to ask our players the question "What Makes a Hero"? Through adventure and imagination and action we want players to examine what Truths they defend and how they define Justice. 

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