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Union City Heroes Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Union City Heroes Core Rulebook Digital Edition is over 250 pages with all the rules you need to play this brand new Comic Book Superhero Tabletop Roleplaying Game! 

Union City Heroes utilizes familiar, easy to use rules that encourage imagination and fun combined with innovative new ways of playing out high-stakes adventures in a world of capes and cowls! Our unique combat system of using Panels to contain the action lets players create their own comic stories and fast-paced battle sequences. Anchors help ground the heroes, keep them connected to the people that they protect, and provide built-in opportunities for adventure and roleplaying. Qualities and our ground-breaking Powers system allow for maximum customization to make your Hero everything you imagine them to be! 

Union City Heroes Digital First Edtion also features over 200 pieces of amazing new art by the extraordinary illustrator Antonio Garcia. 

This newly updated and expanded Digital Edition comes with more Villains, more Threats and way more Heroics!

Get in on this Superhero Roleplaying Game by Paul Malchow and Antonio Garcia. 

Union City Heroes Core Rulebook Digital Edition

  • 266+

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