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"So one night this wannabe hero comes inta da club lookin' to make a name fer himself by arrestin' da Don. Got da whole costume thing, even got a american flag for a cape. So this gavone comes rushin' in, shoutin' about bringin' America back to da Americans, right? He starts fightin, he knocks a coupla raptors down. I'm about to grab some boys and take im out. But da Don, he says siddown. the Don goes behind his desk, gets his baseball bat, and jus as the tights comes through da door into da back- wham! Da Don cracks him! Wham! Right in da head. He goes 'How's's'fer America'. He pulls da guy's cape off and goes 'I ain't da one desecratin' da F#@&in' Flag' and he beats im to death right dere. Marone! We still got dat flag, hangin in da back office down da club. Gotta new rug back there too."
-Luca Bracchio, Legitimate Businessman

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In the 1920's, Don Dino Pietro clawed his way to the top of organized crime in Union City. His crew was brutal, lethal, and they were inadvertently aided by the new vigilante the Green Death mercilessly gunning down rival mobs on the East Side and in Hangman's Line. And Don Pietro saw the threat of the Green Death and needed a way to hedge his bet and protect the empire he'd built. That opportunity came when Professor Saurazynski tested his Dino-Serum on Vito Steggetti, turning him into Vito Stego. Don Pietro had his men raid Saurazyki's lab and capture the diminutive scientist. With a single injection Don Pietro was transformed into the Pterano-Don. Locked in a lab, the mobsters forced the Professor to make more and more of his serum until the crew became a full-fledged Dino-Mafia! The easiest and cheapest serum turned people into Velociraptor-like hybrids and so the rank-and-file working for the Don got that. There were exceptions made for Capos who needed more muscle and earned their individual choice of dinosaur to be half-transformed into. They controlled clubs, guns, the rackets, prostitution, and the illegal liquor trade in Union City almost exclusively into the 1930's. And the Don did not let any masked heroes interfere with his business. He killed American Man and he blackmailed the reformed villain turned-hero Doctor Lightbulb. Mister Power took down segments of the business but the Don had a solution for that, too. He underwrote other criminal undertakings and minor villains to strike elsewhere in Union City, especially in Simon's Cove and other neighborhoods that Mr. Power was more frequently spotted in. By setting high-profile crimes off at the same time as his quieter jobs were happening he created a devious smoke-screen for his entire operation. Though many other villains have employed such distractions, the Pterano-Don developed and most effectively used the tactic. This was paired with bribes to politicians and the police force. The Union City Police had a history of incompetence but the Pterano-Don set it in motion to becoming one of the most corrupt and ineffective Police Forces in the nation. He had the Commissioner and nearly every district commander in his pocket and he paid more beat cops than he had Raptors working for him. It was only a matter of time before the Green Death turned his attentions towards the Dino-Mafia. He was badly wounded and nearly killed several times going against various crews trying to find out how the operation worked and who the boss was. The Green Death took down Big Paulie T-Rex's crew and broke up a gambling den run by Al O'Saurus. The Pterano-Don flew into a rage and set up an ambush in a warehouse by the docks. Luca Bracchio's Raptor's fell of the Green Death and disarmed him. Then the Pterano-Don fought him one on one, seemingly beating him to death. The gangsters present swear the body was a pulp when they threw the Green Death into the river. And the Pterano-Don resumed business as usual. But the Green Skull Herb has mysterious and incredible effects, and the Green Death pulled himself from the water and returned to his lair. What followed was a one-man war on the mob in the streets of Union City. The papers dubbed it The Emerald Rampage because of the number of emerald-tipped bullets found at crime scenes and in dino-mobster's bodies. Every day the headlines were splashed with shoot-ups, dinosaur corpses in the gutters, and fires burning as the Emerald Deathmobile sped away. The Dino-Mafia  was out in force too. They raided as if there were no laws that applied to them and people hid in their homes for days at a time. Mister Power was run ragged trying to stop all the crime that was instigated due to the open violence. The Green Death could not be stopped. Then one day, it was all over. Several Capos showed up to a meeting after not hearing from the Don for days. The Green Death infiltrated that meeting and massacred them all. That centralized crime power in Union City was totally shattered. The Pterano-Don disappeared. He and his toughest Capos all went missing, never to be seen again. The press concluded the Green Death had done them in, but no bodies were ever found. The Dino-Mafia's power was broken. Remnants of the family and different gangs got their hands on the Dino-Serum over the years, so there has almost always been some form of Dino-Mafia in Union City. But none of these have ever come close to rivaling the Pterano-Don's original reign of Crime during the Golden Age of Union City. 


The Pterno-Don is cold-blooded and hungry. He has an uncanny knack for seeing the angles and turning a profit. He's a natural-born leader who inspires deep loyalty in those he chooses to work for him and is a hard-driving and even cruel boss. He shows his generosity and his mercilessness with equal fervor. He is endlessly ambitious. He always wants more and is never satisfied with what he has. He eats well, he drinks well, he smokes and he laughs and unleashes violence whenever the mood strikes him. He can be smiling and laid back one moment and killing someone a moment later. There does not need to be any real cause for such swings in mood to occur. The Pterano-Don is crafty and stealthy when he needs to be but will never back down when challenged. Though he is more disposed to let his Capos and underbosses deal with most of the business he likes to be involved, showing up to jobs or meetings unexpectedly to keep an eye on his affairs. There is no questioning any of this by his underlings without dire consequences. 



Introduction: “You don't need to know my name. That's my business, not yours. You can call me the Pterano-Don. And you can stop asking questions.”

Exclamations: "Eat hot lead!” - “SKRRRAWWWWW!”  - “Take care of 'em, boys!” 

On his legacy: “Who needs a legacy when you run things? I run things. I run this town. That's what it's gonna say on my tombstone. I run this town.”

On his outfit: “There's a old Jew out in Simon's Cove, he makes all my suits custom. I don't trust nobody else. Hymie Kirschbaum, he makes suits for all my boys. All beautiful Italian silk. There's nothing like a nice suit.”

On using Weapons: “I'm an American. It's my right to protect myself and my family. You're an American, ain't ya? You oughtta have a gun.”

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