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CURRENT ROSTER (From Left to Right: Marie Micro, Cactus Jack, Aqualei, Professor Science II, & Doctor Storms

"The first Professor Science was a pupil of mine. He was always restless and I think when he started the Science Squad that became an essential element of it. Their explorations are legendary. Mapping the seven great subterranean undercontinents, the moons of jupiter, The Black Spheres, Anti-Earth, The Overworld, the Year 2084... Being involved with any one of these voyages of discovery and their additions to our collective knowledge would be extraordinary. This team is responsible for all of them and more. It's uncanny!  
That doesn't even take into account all of their amazing inventions. Collectively, they give me a run for for my money. They develop new technology to allow them to explore these fantastic new places and then they use all their discoveries to leapfrog even more new innovations. And this singular engine of invention and expedition has been going for fifty years now.
Oh, and they're also superheroes. Did I forget to mention that? Sorry, I tend to focus on the Science. they've saved the entire world no less than ten times. And that's just our world. They defeated Prince Vice and the Zikkiz. They beat up Siege! They're scientists who are superheroes. Superhero scientists."
-Doctor Tomorrow


It was 1957 when Professor Anton Szinze took an expedition from Tomorrow University to the Moon. It had been nearly fifty years since his mentor, Doctor Tomorrow had made the first moon landing and encountered the Crater Golems of the Lunar Lord. The world-wide acclaim and commendation that came with the second landing and gift exchange with the Lunar Lord thrust the young scientist and his crew into the international spotlight. The original Science Squad was a group of researchers out of Tomorrow University.

There was Professor Amelia Sudo, a gifted physicist. Dr. John "Jack" Rusk, a Botanist from Texas. Dr. Louise "Weezie" Magnussen, the Chemist from Union City. Dr. Arjan Singh, a engineer and pilot from India. And Dr. Carter Wright, the roboticist from Wales. Though none of them had any superpowers they continued their journeys of discovery and they were soon thrust into the world of superheroics. 

While exploring the dense and mysterious caves beneath Mt. Independence Jack Rusk was fatally wounded by the Underground Mushroom Men. Professor Science (as he was now calling himself) used Dr. Rusk's own experimental botany to grow him a new body out of newly Bio-Engineered Cacti. Cactus Jack became an instant sensation and topic for debate around the world. As the 1960's dawned Professor Science married Amelia Sudo-Science and they continued their scientific adventures as husband and wife.

The Science Squad established the Science Station One, built into the cliffs just below the Great Moloch Dam as well as Science Station Two, an orbiting base. These were connected by one of Professor Science's earliest (and perhaps greatest) inventions, the Tele-Door. These doorways accommodated instant transport between one another, just like stepping through a door despite the hundreds or thousands of miles that separated the two apertures. 

This invaluable technology brought the Science Squad into the crosshairs of Villains, Mad Scientists, the US Government, and S.U.P.E.R. Professor Science passionately fought both physically and in the courts to keep his inventions to himself and eventually reached a deal to lease the incredible technology to S.U.P.E.R. to aid in their extra-normal police work. He also developed Elemental Harnesses that allowed the team to fly, shoot fire, and do other extraordinary things by manipulating the elements. This aided the team in making even more extraordinary discoveries, as well as the growing fleet of Super-Vehicles that were designed and piloted by Dr. Singh, or Super-Captain, as the team had taken to calling him. 

They made first contact with Abyssia, the city of the Abyssian fish-people hidden deep beneath the Arctic ice. They worked with one of the leading Abyssian scientists, Aqualei, who opted to join the team to share their knowledge and aid in their ongoing quest for knowledge. Aqualei also proved to be an invaluable fighter, her martial prowess and combat skills exceeding that of any of her teammates. Along with Cactus Jack the crew of scientists looked increasingly like a team of superheroes. 

It was at this point that the team fell into a trap laid by one of their most powerful adversaries and one of the most notorious supervillains in the world, Prince Vice. The dictator of Varandova, the small Eastern European nation that a young Anton Szinze had escaped from, let rumors leak from his borders of a Werewolf infestation. Werewolves, only known to live and proliferate in Varandova, were still very much a scientific mystery and not one Professor Science could pass up. The team assembled and infiltrated the small, isolated Principality. It was not long before Prince Vice sprung his snare and the team was subdued by his massive Robotic Sentries. Weezie was badly wounded in the ambush and put into a coma. Professor Science was captured and forced to work as Prince's Vice's Science Slave and Cactus Jack and Aqualei were sent to be experimented on. But Dr. Wright had evaded capture. He found his way into Vyscedorf Castle and overrode the control of the Robotic Sentries. As the huge robots turned on their master Super Captain flew into the courtyard of the castle and the team made their escape. This was only the first of many antagonistic encounters with Prince Vice.

After this initial encounter a pregnant Amelia Sudo-Science left the active team for the safety of their unborn child and to coordinate the team from Science Station One. Dr. Wright left the team to try and find a robotic solution to Weezie's coma while the Science Squad began exploring the Seven Great Undercontinents. Throughout the 1960's they mapped these all-but inaccessible underworlds and established the Observatory, a massive scientific research base on the Moon. There was great controversy and outcry when the Russian Space Program used the Observatory in 1967 to launch their first Manned Mission to Mars but Professor Science again argued that the Science Squad and their facilities were there for the good of Mankind. When threats were made by US Government the Professor threatened to end his Teledoor lease to S.U.P.E.R. and instead lease it to the Kremlin. He also offered aid to NASA in their attempt to send men to Callisto, the moon of Jupiter. That brought an end to the standoff but set back the perception in America that the Squad was superheroes. That changed again in late 1969 when the Galilean 11 Landed on Callisto and the crew was captured by mysterious alien beings. 

The Science Squad launched a rescue mission to international acclaim and the team was joined by Dr. Marie Jonas, a brilliant inventor and expert of Molecular chemistry and biology. She had created a Shrinking Ray that altered her molecules, giving her the ability to shrink down to Atomic Size. She was affectionately dubbed Marie Micro. The team fought the Callistellars and saved the four American astronauts. The Squad then spent years throughout the seventies establishing Galileo Base and then exploring the other Moons of Jupiter in what came to be dubbed their Jovian Odyssey. 

By the early eighties Professor Science and Super Captain had built a ship capable of breaching and traveling to other dimensions. This brought the team to places like Evograe, a faerie realm, the Anti-Earth, and the Year 2000, a horrific dystopian future. They also made first contact with Digitopolis, the Cyber-World. There they repelled the first incursion of Mega-Bit into our world. 

By the 1990's the team discovered the terrible Black Spheres. To keep them from infecting our world Marie Micro seemingly sacrificed herself shrinking the entire existence down to nothingness. The team also traveled to the Overrealm outside this or any other Universe, the home of the Overpeople, as far beyond Gods as Gods are beyond Man. 

By the year 2000 the first Professor Science was getting too old to go on active missions anymore. He was badly hurt in yet another battle with Prince Vice and Amelia convinced him to step into a role as thinker and creator in the lab rather than out on missions. He agreed only when their son, Isaac Science, reluctantly took his father's place. Professor Isaac Science was the equal of any scientist but never had the passion for adventure that his father did. He had always had a somewhat grouchy and lecturing personality and spent years as a Professor at Tomorrow University. He wasn't thrilled to join the team but did so to make his parents happy and safe in their old age. 

Professor Science II eagerly turned leadership of the field team over the Aqualei. He took adopted the role of the serious and learned scientist on their adventures to the year 2084, the All-Sphere, the Atomic Worlds, and the Strings. Slowly but surely his hesitation gave way to the tantalization of curiosity, the thrill of discovery, and the awe of the incredible places they travelled to. 

In 2011 Zia Sharif joined the team. An ambitious and brilliant Pakistani meteorologist she had developed equipment that allowed for effective and dramatic control over localized weather. Taking the name Doctor Storms she was far more eager for the adventures than she was for the science. An unlikely relationship blossomed between her and Professor Isaac Science, a father-and-daughter-kind of bond between the two very different geniuses.

It was not long after that Marie Micro returned from her exile in the Black Spheres. When she shrunk them in the early 1990's she was stuck in a quantum trap but she grew out of it almost instantly. Unfortunately, due to the quantum time mechanics at that size, it was more than twenty years on earth. Still, she happily rejoined the team and took some small pleasure at looking and feeling twenty years younger than her contemporaries. 

In 2015 Super-Captain fully retired after suffering from a stroke. Professor Science II had been filling in as the pilot of their Supercraft for some time and the transition was smooth but sad. For the last few years this newest roster of the Science Squad continued in the footsteps of those that came before them. Aqualei, Cactus Jack, Marie Micro, Professor Science II and Dr. Storms have braved the Monster-verse, escaped the Infinite Darkness, and discovered the Shadow Realm. They are working hard to raise awareness of Climate Change and towards building technologies that can curb or arrest this global warming that has exposed and imperiled Aqualei's home of Abyssia. They are also on the forefront of relations with Alien, Robotic, and Digital lifeforms of all kinds. They are the premiere scientific team in Union City and they are world-class heroes! 


Aqualei: "(We have known about the Climate Change since the era you call the 1950's. The evidence was plain to our advanced sciences then and now the impact has come home. Abyssia is unihabitable. My people have been displaced, a wandering, refugee race adrift in the oceans. I had hoped that by the time the effects were manifest on the surface mankind would have joined us in stemming the tide. But your lands are dried and burnt by fire, buffeted with hurricanes and still there is denial. How can can so many trust folly over evidence?)" 

Professor Isaac Science: "Science saves lives. Period. Vaccinate your kids." 

Cactus Jack: ">Calamity! This didn't have to get thorny, but now y'all'r gonna get the needles!<"

Marie Micro: "It's all about looking at a potential problem from all the angles. It sounds counter-intuitive but difficulties seem a lot smaller when you analyze them from a molecular level." 

Dr. Storms: "Allah is not separate from reason. It is the opposite, in fact. Allah has created a magnificent world with endless wonders that are all there for us to behold if we can only understand them. Science and research are, in a way, prayers in and of themselves. To decipher the mysteries of creation, this brings us all closer to Allah." 

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